Curried Vegetable “Shepherd’s Pie” (Vegan)

From: $11.00

Mixed vegetables in a coconut curry cream sauce, topped with mashed sweet potatoes and smoked paprika.


Entree – Served in 3-compartment oven ready foil pan, comes with 2 sides du jour.

Microwavable – Individual portion served in a microwave safe plastic container. Does not come with sides, slightly larger portion than entree.

Dinner for 2 – Oven ready foil pan, does not come with sides.

Family Dinner (served 4-6) – Oven ready foil pan, does not comes with sides.



Vegetables, yellow curry, coconut milk, salt, sugar, sweet potatoes, smoked paprika, olive oil


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Entrée, Microwavable, Dinner for 2, Family Dinner